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We are passionate musicians who love to entertain at special occasions.

Whilst we're working on delivering our services through digital technology,we are known for celebrations - welcome dinners, weddings, launches, anniversaries, soirees and corporate events are just a few of the functions we perform at.

Special music performed at 'Celebration of Life' services creates an honouring touch.

Angamus was founded by Chin-Hwi Ang in 2003, who has over 35 years in music performance. The last 18 years, she has been the resident violinist at The Piano Lounge, performing twice a week as 'Angamus Duo' (violin and piano combination).

Each project is unique, so please contact Chin-Hwi directly on with your specific enquiry.

For an accurate, yet personalised proposal, send us as much information as you can regarding your event.​ We're happy to organise a video conference call, phone meeting, or through other digital media to talk further.

'The Happy Hour'

Meet author Shawna Hartley
Date: 26/5/2020
Time: 3pm-4pm 

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​After 18 years of providing Newcastle's most interesting weekly event - where piano meets violin. 

Friends gather for the magic and inspiration that live music entertainment brings - we simply won’t let a pandemic stop us!

Join us as we expand our offerings from music into the arts with conversations with a variety of guests that will inspire you.