During registration you'll be asked to include the number of residential places your facility manages. This number should correspond with your facility's residential place number, as recorded on the Australian Government GEN Aged Care website.

Caring for your residents' needs, both physical and emotional, requires a finely balanced approach; their physical well-being is of primary importance, but how do you meet their often complex emotional needs?  

Music has the capacity both to calm and to stimulate.   Angamus Duo's live-streamed content will often stimulate, especially when viewed in a group setting as your residents have the opportunity to engage with the Duo live.

The ever-expanding archive of previous broadcasts offers residents many hours of musical entertainment which can be accessed at anytime of day or night, in a social setting or in the privacy of their rooms. 

All subscriptions are monthly, paid in advance which can altered to suit changed circumstances. 

Care facility - Single site

Group-Wide Subscriptions

Residential Place Numbers

A one-off subscription setup fee payable on commencement of your subscription.

Angamus Duo Happy Hour & Archives

Monthly Subscription - $6.00 per resident

Access to an hour of live-streamed, vibrant interactive entertainment every Thursday afternoon, at 3pm AEDT.

Includes unlimited access to hours and hours of downloadable recordings of the Duo's past live broadcasts.

Angamus offers multi-site discounts to Care Provider groups operating multiple facilities. This could be one geographical region, state-wide or national. 

By including multiple facilities in your subscription, billing for all facilities can be managed by Head Office.  

Angamus Duo Subscriptions

Subscription Setup - $50