Chin-Hwi Ang radio interview (click mic to hear the interview)

Taking the opportunity to tick off that bucket list of your personal hobbies is back on again. Perhaps the relaxation of challenging restrictions has helped change your priorities. It's time to take care of you!

Skills such as learning to ride a bike, learn a new instrument starts with making the decision to learn

  • Enjoy a new hobby
  • Get musically creative
  • Keep your brain active
  • Start a new discipline
  • ​Inspire others

​Get moving along - find out more information about face-to-face tutorials based in Mayfield West studios, or her live-stream video lesson options.

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"Music is an important part of anyone's development...It’s a form of expressive communication; helps develop the creative mind, and inspires good discipline. Best of all, music is best enjoyed with others.”

~ Chin-Hwi Ang

Chin-Hwi's music teaching journey commenced when she returned from an 8-year break from actively pursuing her music. By that time, she felt 'frustrated' musically - and in her mid-20s felt called to return to music.

It was then that she completed her Associate of Music in violin performance with the Australian Music Examination Board (2002), travelled to the UK and Western Europe. She performed with the All Souls Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and dabbled with some Jazz and Improvisation at the Guildhall School of Music, London. 

Upon her return to Newcastle, New South Wales - she established her music studio.

  • Openings for beginner & intermediate students (8 yrs+)
  • Teaches for Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) 
  • ​Music lessons for well-being & developing confidence
  • Join ensemble groups (beginners & adult groups)
  • Serves Independent School communities for over 15 years
  • Music studios in Central Coast & Newcastle areas
  • Option for live-stream music tutorials

Here's your opportunity to get creative and enjoy the experience!

Chin-hwi ang - violin & viola tutor


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