There is an alternative... a live-streamed, interactive musical performance which you can watch together in your Common Room, or stream to your residents' individual devices. 

You'll be able to bring some of that much needed joy and excitement back into their lives. 

The Angamus Duo streams their Happy Hour sessions live, once a week. You and your residents will be able to chat and talk to the Duo live, during the show.

Take a couple of minutes and check out this short video. 

Virtual Entertainment


Register now so you can connect to the next live- streamed Angamus Duo broadcast.

In your subscription is the option to access the Duo's archived performances which you can download and play to your residents - anytime, on most devices.  

Whether it's the Aged Care sector, a Palliative Care Unit or Residential Rehabilitation, the COVID-19 pandemic is sure to have dramatically impacted your operational practices. 

Restricted visits, especially from family and friends, as well as cancelled outings and - worst of all - no more live entertainment, can have a detrimental effect on your resident's emotional well-being.

Care Providers